St. Matthew's Roman Catholic Church

Wilmington, Delaware

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Saturday: 5:00pm


  Sunday:  7:30am




Daily Mass


 Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Morning at 8:30am


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1013 E. Newport Pike

Wilmington, DE 19804


Church Address


901 E. Newport Pike

Wilmington, DE 19804






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9-3 Mon. & Wed. Only




Register for the Catholic Traditions Camp

June 17-21

Register for Digital Art, Videography and Photography Camp July 29-August 2, 2019

                                                       St. Matthew’s Summer Camps 2019

                             The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine


                                                                     STEM+R, Sports and CCD Camps


                                                  10 Weeks of Camp from 8:00am-3:30pm



CCD Catchup Camp: June 17-21 & June 24-28th $175 per week


This program is designed for children and families who have missed the Sacrament of Baptism and First Holy Communion.  Ages 9-17  It is a two week camp.  Please see the separate page "Catchup Camp"  for full details of the offer.








Catholic Traditions Camp with the Altar Server Academy: June 17-21 $200


This camp is designed for children in Catholic School or who completed last year’s CCD Camp and are interested in deepening their Catholic Faith.  The material will not repeat last year’s CCD Camp and includes more free time in the Game Room.  Do you want to become an Altar Server?  Afraid because you are not sure what to do?  Maybe you already are an Altar Server - do you wonder why certain priests do certain things certain ways?  Most of the time there is a reason.  Or maybe you don't like doing it because you are afraid to make a mistake?  Let me guess - they gave you a 1 hour 'class' and threw you out on the Altar.  In the Altar Server Academy - you will learn to serve and understand the different ways that different priests or parishes celebrate Mass.  You will learn all the different varieties and why there are differences.  Finally you will be less intimidated because you will know exactly what to do!  Open to any server of any parish or any child who desires to serve at Holy Mass at any parish.  The Altar Server Academy is a separate track from the Main Camp.











CCD Summer Camp: June 24-28 & August 12-16th $200


St. Matthew’s signature and successful camp from last year is back!  One week of Camp with 4 required Sunday events fulfills CCD requirements for the year while strengthening your child’s faith and teaching the essentials of Roman Catholic Doctrine and the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ..













Drone and Aviation Camp I, II, III


Camp I: July 1-5 $230, Camp II: July 15-19 $230, Camp III:  August 19-23 $230




Your child will learn the principals of flight and will learn how to fly different types of aircraft on our Virtual Reality Flight Simulators.  Ever flown on an airplane and peeked in the cockpit and wondered what all those buttons do?  You will find out in the Aviation portion of the camp! Children will learn the rules and regulations of Drone Flight and will receive FAA Certification as a Drone Pilot.  Children will be able to participate in Team Drone Races and will learn how to fly a variety of types of Drones.  For children registered for multiple Drone Camps there will be additional options available to them to enhance their experience and to minimize repetition.

















Sports & Recreation Camp at St. Matthew’s Gymnasium (until 5:30pm)


July 8-12 $200, July 22-26 $200, August 12-16 $200 (aftercare included in cost)




St. Matthew's is offering a week long full day Sports & Recreation Camp which includes one field trip to the swimming pool. Highlighted sports activities include basketball, volleyball, flag football, and soccer.  There will be other recreational activities offered including arts and crafts, movies, and video games.


Camp cost is $200 which includes 8:00 dropoff to 5:30pm pickup.

















Digital Art, Videography and Photography Camp: July 29-August 2 $250


Your child will be exposed to advanced concepts in Photography, Art and Videography.  Your child will learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom CC and also the various Adobe Mobile apps that are available on IOS to include Adobe Capture, Photoshop Fix etc..  The children may bring their own cameras and other devices from home both analog and digital to learn the basics of photography including focal points, F Stops, how to use a digital camera in manual mode to enhance photographic skills and more. The camp will also teach the basics of Videography using Adobe Premiere CC.  Everyone knows how to use Apple Moviemaker but the Adobe Creative Suite is what professionals use and your child will learn the basics of navigating these apps.









Space Camp: August 5-9 $250


An updated reprise of a camp that Fr. Darcy ran in Dover for three years.  Campers will learn the intricacies of the Saturn V Rocket, the Command Service Module, the Space Shuttle while learning about space disasters, and contemporary rocketry such as Space X and why they are so radical today compared to our legacy systems.  The camp is based on a realistic space scenario: The International Space Station is still spiraling out of control in upper Earth orbit, as its nuclear reactor has gone critical.  Candidates must launch the Apollo Rocket, dock with the International Space Station, deactivate the station’s nuclear reactor, crawl into the Space Shuttle Endeavor, descend from high Earth orbit, enter the atmosphere, and land the Shuttle at the White Sands Space Harbor.  Campers will also learn the basic of model rocketry and each team of 4 specialists (your kids) will build and launch model rockets.








All Camps Feature:


-       STEM+R:  Catholic Camps with Daily Prayers, Mass twice a week, and a Christian Environment


-       Camps open to children of all Faiths


-       Diocesan Safe Environment Program


-       For children registered for multiple STEM+R Camps, even of the same theme, advanced options will be available at  so that information and activities are not simply repeated.


-       Camps focus on Fun with educational side benefits


-       Sibling discount of $25 available for all camps(except the Two Week CCD Catchup Camp)


-       Optional Casapullas Lunch each day


-       Snacks, Soda and Candy


-       Relaxed School Rules – Phones and electronic devices may be used (at certain times depending on each camp)


-       Limited enrollment in all Camps - please register soon!!!


-       Online registration only with payment via Paypal.  Payment plans also available via Paypal




Camp Schedule


June 17-21st               CCD-Catchup Camp


                                   Catholic Traditions Camp with Altar Server Academy


June 24-28                 CCD Summer Camp


                                   CCD Catchup Camp Week 2


July 1-5                       Drone and Aviation Camp


July 8-12                     Sports and Recreation Camp at St. Matthew’s Gymnasium


July 15-19                   Drone and Aviation Camp II


July 22-26                   Sports and Recreation Camp at St. Matthew’s Gymnasium


July 29-August 2         Digital Art, Videography and Photography Camp


August 5-9                  Space Camp


August 12-16              Sports and Recreation Camp


                                    CCD Summer Camp Reprise


                                    CCD Camp for Special Needs Children


August 19-23              Drone and Aviation Camp III


Register for Two Week Catchup Camp

Register for One Week Regular CCD Camp

June 24-28

Register for One Week Regular CCD Camp

August 12-16

Register for Drone Camp I July 1-5, 2019

Register for Drone Camp I July 1-5, 2019

Register for Drone Camp II July 15-19, 2019

Register for Drone Camp III Aug 19-23, 2019

Register for Sports Camp I July 8-12

Register for Sports Camp II July 22-26

Register for Sports Camp III August 12-16

Register for Space Camp August 5-9

We welcome you to St. Matthew's, Woodcrest

Fr. Michael Darcy, KHS